BOS Games - by Katie

Posted: May 31, 2013

The BOS Games The night before the BOS games I imaged everyone was packing their bags, getting this and that and patiently waiting for the next day to come. When we got to the school, everyone was so anxious to get on the bus to get to Listuguj! The trip there was so long and tiring all of us just quietly watched the movie that was on which was called “Father Hood.”  Finally we got to listuguj and went to get our snow gear on, but before we could even think about our activities we were put into clans. The clans were; Bears, eagles, turtles, dragon fly’s, rabbits, salmon, wolf and beaver. After we were put into clans we started the activities which were; skiing, tubing, snow shoeing and winter games, my clan started with tubing I’m not too sure what the other clans did although I’m pretty sure they had a great time! When we got to the hill we had to climb it. When you got to the top would be panting, it was tiring but it was still fun!! After most of our activities were over we had a break, and had hot chocolate then back for the rest of our activities. Once that was all over we brought our bags into the school and waited in line for dinner. The food that was being served was spaghetti, toast, a choice of cake either chocolate or vanilla also milk or water.   Once everyone was finished, they started the dance. It was so loud you were literally yelling at one another if you spoke normally it would sound like the squeak of a mouse, on the plus side most of the lights were off. At about 8:00pm all of the lights were off, it was really cool all you could see were the colorful lights behind the DJ. At 9:00pm the dance was over and it was time for a snack, the snack was Subway sandwiches. After the snack all of the girls got their things and went to the youth center to sleep, I wonder whose bright idea that was? It was so noise, everyone kept on talking and talking the only time it was quiet is when the movie was on. When the movie ended well most of us fell asleep. In the morning everyone looked so tired and drained, but they still got up and got ready. Once everyone was ready for the most part we loaded up and lent back to the school to eat breakfast. Everyone got a choice of; one or two pancakes, cereal, two sausages, one piece of toast and a piece of fried ham. When most of the people were finished we got into a circle to smudge before we started the indoor activities. They were singing and throwing a huge ball at a certain clan while they sprint away from it. After we were all finished that we started to gather our things and load them onto the bus for the long trip home. After a little while on the road we stopped at a store, we stayed there for about twenty minutes then we started to move again. Finally we got to Canadian Tire that was our stop, so we unloaded our belongings and started calling people to pick us up so Mr. Bowes and Dallas’s mom Dinah came and they drove all of us home. The End  By: Katie