BOS Games - by Alek

Posted: May 31, 2013

BOS Games - by Alek March 20, 2013, I’m packing my things for the BOS Winter Games looking at my list Mr.Bowes gave me. “Ski pants Check, Clothes check , Pillow check” ok I have everything lets pack it up and put it beside the door.“I’m going to bed mum”“really this early!?”“yup” Then crawl into my bed and try to sleep but sleep just wouldn’t come. I’m tossing and turning but finally I fall asleep.“Beep, Beep, Beep” I spring out of bed with excitement. Got changed, pulled on my boots and coat grabbed my suitcase and headed off to school. I hurried to school because I didn’t want to miss the BOS Winter Games!Finally I get to school. “wow Alek you’re here early”“ just don’t want to miss the BOS winter games Mr. J” so I sit in my seat waiting for the other kids to arrive finally they do. We all line up to drive to Douglas Town. Everyone looks so anxious to get on the bus! Finally we all rush on  the bus. Then we all drove to Douglas Town to meet the other bus. The other bus that we met in Douglas Town was this enormous black and yellow luxury bus. that bus drove us to Campbellton for the BOS Winter Games. After three hours of that annoying bus ride finally we  got there. Then we put our stuff in the gym and picked a spot where we are going to sleep. Next we went to Sugar Loaf Snow Resort we all went inside and split up into clans Dallas and I were on the beavers clan. Our  first activity was winter games. That was like a whole bunch of winter activities like a parachute, a tug of war, all this stuff it was very exiting!Then the eagles came and we had to go to our next activity. Our next activity was skiing. I didn’t really like it because the snow was so lumpy and we had to go up hill without poles. Then go back down. which wasn’t so pretty. because it was a pretty big hill and all of us were just crashing into each other. But I just stayed on the side and watched everyone crash into each other while I strolled down the hill on my ski’s. That’s all we did for skiing then we had to go to our next activity.Our next activity was snowshoeing but we only had like five minutes left. So we only walked like 30 feet. Then we went back to the bus and went to the school. We had supper there and we had the dance.The dance wasn’t so fun because me and Darcy just sat down and watched people dance. That was over and we blew up our air mattresses and got our blankets and things like that to get ready for bed. So we tried to sleep but we just couldn’t so Dave said “ Metepenagiag  boys lets go to a classroom” so we went to a classroom and slept in peace.So the next day we woke up and had breakfast. We had pancakes, sausage and toast it was delicious.Next we gathered all of our things and put It on the enormous bus and took off. I was lucky because I didn’t have to sit near that annoying girl on the way back so I actually fell asleep. I wake up after a 2 hour drive awake in Douglas Town and Mr. Bowes drove us all home.  The End