Posted: September 11, 2014

Parents/Guardians, Students at Metepenagiag School are now using Mathletics as an important part of their math curriculum. Students will have access to the Mathletics website throughout the week during class, and also at home if there is a computer or iPad available to them. Students were sent home today with a unique username and password for them to login. Mathletics is a web based learning program that integrates home and school learning via the internet; it is one of the worlds most used educational websites. As an online learning resource it is the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy math and achieve outstanding results. If you have access to the internet I recomment you spend some time looking at the website with your child so you can gain an understanding of how Mathletics will benefit his or her learning. As a parent/guardian you can sign up to receive Weekly Reports! These reports will provide you with details on your child's progress and achievement. To register for this service:• Visit• Complete the fields and click Register To access the Parent Center:• Visit• Sign in using your own details